It’s time to make the move to the Invisalign Lite Package today.

Many doctors have made the move already. In fact, 95% of doctors who have used the Invisalign Lite Package treatment believe that it can be effective for mild to moderate spacing*. The proven success of the Invisalign Lite Package treatment means you can offer more movement options and start growing your practice today.

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The versatile, cost-effective solution you've been looking for.

The Invisalign Lite Package includes:

  • 14 stages of tooth movement across all teeth, with no clinical limitations
  • Treatment designed for mild to moderate malocclusion
  • One set of additional aligners included in treatment price
  • Option for dual- or single-arch treatment
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Case study

Every smile was made to move.

With the Invisalign Lite Package, you can increase your candidate pool by enabling more movement options.

Patient's chief concern: Improve aesthetics of smile
Patient: Adult male, 28 years old
Doctor: Dr. Cristina Viyuela

Doctor's treatment objective and results:

Patient presented in functional Class II (Div 1) occlusion with peg laterals, deep bite, and an interincisal diastema. Using Invisalign clear aligners, doctor's goals for this Ortho/Restorative Combo Case were to maintain Class II relationship, align and coordinate arches, and close diastema.

At the end of orthodontic treatment, a small amount of space — both mesial and distal of upper laterals — were left to accommodate two composite veneers of same width to complete the restoration and deliver a beautiful smile.

Patient is in retention with a fixed retainer on lower arch and a retainer on upper arch. Doctor completed this restorative treatment in less than 6 months and exceeded the patient's expectations.


Comparison chart

Invisalign Lite Package
Invisalign Moderate Package
Invisalign Express 5
Number of aligners
Additional aligners
One sets included for one year in price of treatment*
One set included for two years in price of treatment*
One refinement is available for purchase
Clinical scope
Class I, mild crowding/spacing, non-extraction, pre-restorative
Class I, mild Class II, mild to moderate crowding/spacing, mild AP and vertical discrepancies, pre-restorative
Very minor crowding, spacing, anterior ortho relapse
*Additional aligner set(s) available for purchase. See Align Technology Pricing Terms and Conditions for more details. 

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