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Clinical educational resources to help you grow your practice with Invisalign® First treatment.

Invisalign First clinical case studies

Read these clinical case studies from your peers who have treated patients with Invisalign First clear aligners. Learn how they are leveraging the unique features available only with Invisalign First treatment to improve their treatment planning and outcomes for their growing patients. Each case study includes multiple patent examples, their treatment plans, before and after records, as well as key learnings.

Clinical Protocol for Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment of the Mixed Dentition with Invisalign First aligners

Dr. Mark Garlington


Advantages of Invisalign First aligners for Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Terry Gruelle


Official Invisalign First clear aligner launch webinar.

Watch Dr. El-Bialy share his experience using Invisalign First therapy for Phase 1 treatment. During the webinar, attendees gain insight into the Invisalign First aligner limited market release as Dr. El-Bialy shares his perspective on clinical outcomes and the patient experience. Through an in-depth case review Dr. El- Bialy shares his successful outcomes using Invisalign First aligners for his younger patients’ Phase 1 treatment.

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Order Invisalign First aligners

Learn how to order your first case of Invisalign First clear aligners and the discounted Invisalign Comprehensive Phase 2 Package with this easy step-by-step guide.

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87% of Invisalign orthodontists agree that their young patients are highly compliant with Invisalign First aligner wear.*


Dr. Francesco Garino
Platinum Elite Tier Invisalign Provider

Watch Dr. Garino share why younger patients are compliant with Invisalign First therapy.

93% of Invisalign orthodontists would recommend Invisalign First clear aligners for Phase 1 treatment to colleagues.*


Dr. Donna Galante
Diamond Plus Tier Invisalign Provider, Align Faculty Member

Watch Dr. Galante share why she recommends Invisalign First treatment to her colleagues.

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